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Hi everyone,

I was born 1 september 1973 in town Mitrovica in ex Yugoslavia, nowadays Kosovo. When I went to my first trompet lesson the next door was wide open and I saw the guitar teacher Petar Rakiç playing an unbeliveably beautifull Lobos piece. It was year 1983, I was 10, I was overwhelmed, that moment I must of decided to become a guitar player which I realized later on.
           In 1986 when I was 3rd grade of music school I competed with 4th grade and won the title of Best Guitarist of Serbia. In 1989 recorded few songs with my band "Horoskop", one of them became a hit on local radio station.
          In 1992 I moved to Turkey as a student of Journalizm and Mass Communication in Istanbul University. Same year I started playing rock and blues in Engin Yorukoglu's club "Jazz Stop" 7 days a week. Here, my talent for sound and recording was discovered so in 1996 I started as professional sound engineer and studio musician in Fuat Guner's FT Studio.
          In 1997 I also started playing concerts with famous Turkish singers like Sibel Tüzün, Ben Deniz, Deniz Arcak etc.. Then it went:


                  1999-2000  Teoman (bass player)
                  2002-2010   Kıraç (bass player)
                  2010-still   Feridun Düzağaç (guitar player)

In 1998 I established my own studio (Studio 74). Down is a list of some albums (most with links) I've worked in my studio as well as some other studios:


Fuat Güner:
         1999 -  "Aziz Fuat Güner" album, guitar solo on track "Sen", duet with Nilüfer.
        2000 -  Künye (rec, mix, master) http://www.objektifrock.com/audio
Feridun Düzağaç:
         2001 -  Tüm Hakları Yalnızlığıma Aittir (arrangemet, rec, guitar, bass, mix) youtube video
         2003 -  Orijinal Altyazılı  (arrangement, rec, guitar, bass, mix) youtube video
         2005 -  Bir Devam Filmi / Siyah Beyaz - Türkçe Dublaj  (arrangement, rec, bass, guitar, mix)
         2007 -  Uykusuza Masallar  (arrangement, rec, guitar, bass, mix, master) youtube video
         2009 -  FD7 (arrangement, guitar, bass)
          2001 -  Zaman (rec, mix, master) youtube video
          2004 -  Kayıp Şehir  (bass guitar, rec, mix, master)  youtube video
          2007 -  Benim Yolum (bass guitar, rec, mix)
          2009 -  Yolcu (bass guitar, electric guitar)
Funda Arar:   http://www.fundaarar.com/
          2002 -  Alagül (bass, guitar, rec, mix, master)  youtube video
          2003 - Sevda Yanığı (bass, guitar, mix, master) youtube video
Fatih Erkoç:
           2005 -  Beklenen (mix, master)
Zerrin Özer:
           2005 -  Ve Böyle Bir Şey (guitar solos on tracks Beni Hor Görme solo on 2:47, Obur Dünya)
           2011-  Ve MFÖ (Kıskanınca-arr&guitar ; Çözemedim-arr&guitar)


Year 2000 channel BRT  TV live sound mix of show "Performans".
Year 2006 channel TRT1 live sound mix of show "Gölgeler" (singers: Kıraç-Funda Arar)
Year 2012 channel TRT Müzik live sound mix of most shows:

In 2007 I had the chance to meet and work with Yngwie Malmsteen. We recorded string orchestra for track Eleventh Hour on his 2008 "Perpetual Flame" album.

 After meeting him my will for playing guitar rise again. However, god knows why, I waited april of 2010 to join the Feridun Düzağaç band as a guitar player, which I'm still in.


In 2012'de I joined Volkan Özyılmaz's virtual instrument project "Volko Alaturka Drum". It's a very handy, easy to use, great sounding drum plugin. Installation file is only 570 Mb. Current version is 1.2.3. Very soon 64bit version will be released.

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